Free Trade Zones

We offer consulting and legal representation to companies that desire to operate as, or in, free trade zones, offering the following services:

Applications for temporary import regimes for the temporary suspension of import duties, consular fees and any other taxes or surcharges, including sales tax, that may arise from the introduction of:

  • Raw materials, semi-elaborated products, containers and other goods to be assembled, transformed, modified, or incorporated into export products.
  • Machinery, equipment, tools, spare parts and accessories, if they are used exclusively to assemble, transform, modify or produce export products.
  • Samples, patterns and models necessary to orient production toward norms and designs demanded by the international market and for demonstrative, research or instruction purposes.

Application to be an operator of a free trade zone or export processing zone.

Application to operate inside a free trade or export processing zone, which provides the following benefits:

  • Unrestricted currency conversion.
  • Tax free import of all machinery, raw materials and supplies.
  • Customs clearance for incoming and outgoing shipments in less than a day, with minimal documentation requirements.
  • 100% foreign property permit (in coastal areas where foreigners are prohibited from owning land by law).
  • Exemption from sales and income taxes.
  • Profit and capital repatriation at any time.
  • Ample supply of productive low-cost labor.
  • Ample variety of raw materials, such as fabrics, wood, fruit, sugar, vegetables, meat, leather, coffee, cocoa and spices for industrial processing.

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