This area of our practice is divided in into two sub-areas:

Secondary and Primary Education
In this area, we advise the investor in everything related to primary and secondary education in Honduras, offering the following legal services:

Establishment of educational centers at the primary and secondary level.

Establishment of educational centers and operating license for the primary level (Private schools).

Official recognition of degrees, diplomas or secondary level studies obtained abroad.

Establishment of educational centers and operation license for the secondary level (Private-Semiofficial schools).

Establishment of educational centers, license operation for the preschool, primary and secondary levels (official schools).

Higher Education
In this area of practice, we handle everything related to the country’s higher and professional education, offering the following services:

Establishment of higher education centers (Private Universities).

Approval of major fields of study and curriculums.

Official recognition of higher education degrees granted by other national or foreign Institutions (other than the National University, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras (UNAH).

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