Biddings, Contests and Concessions

In this area we advise national and foreigner investors regarding the State Contracting Law, including, bidding processes, concessions and public or private contests carried out by public administration entities. The following are some of the services that we provide in this area:

Bidding processes and concessions in the energy and telecommunications areas, among others.

Consulting with respect to the options for bidding, concession or contest processes, as well as the required legal documentation which includes, company documents, guarantees or deposits, and documentation of financial or technical accreditation.

We carry out due diligence of the assets or companies subject to the bidding, concession or contest processes.

Consulting with regard to the applicable regulatory and legal framework.

Management of applications submitted to public administration entities.

We provide legal counsel related to investment risks.

We handle the protection and defense of the investor’s rights in disputes with the government following a privatization or investment.

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