Corporate Formation

Melara & Asociados provides legal services related to the formation of Honduran companies, as well as their respective local or off-shore “holding companies”. As part of the process of forming a corporation, we offer services including, but not limited to, the following:

Every aspect involved in the formation of a Honduran company, including drawing up the articles of incorporation and by-laws of the company, registration at the Registry of Merchants, issuance and endorsement of provisional certificates and final stock titles, obtaining a Tax ID number, registration at the respective Chamber of Commerce and Industry, authorization of the company’s legal and accounting books, reporting the start-up of operations to the National Revenue Service, obtaining the operation permit from the respective town hall; and, where applicable, obtaining the environmental license and the company’s registration at the Honduran Institute of Social Security (IHSS) and the National Institute of Professional Formation (INFOP).

Authorization for foreign companies’ branch offices to operate in Honduran territory.

Kinds of administration and mechanisms for conveying decisions of holding companies to the operating companies.

Tax consulting with regard to national and municipal taxes to which a Honduran company is subject.

Consulting with regard to the advantages and benefits that Honduran laws offer to businesses that are dedicated to specific sectors, such as tourism and maquilas.

Advantages and disadvantages of types of stock or participation certificates that are available in the formation of a company.

Labor consulting with respect to the rights and obligations of the employers and employees and how to regulate their relationship in order to achieve a harmonious relationship between management and labor.

Management and custody of the acts of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors and the shareholder registry.

Amendments to the company’s articles of incorporation or bylaws.

Appointment of administrators or general managers.

Additionally, we offer permanent legal counseling to corporations that have entered into the operating phase, including legal consulting on administrative, labor, and corporate matters.

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