At Melara & Asociados, we have extensive experience in acquisitions in regulated and unregulated markets. The following are among the legal services that we offer in this area:

Due Diligence

Due Diligence, we divide this process in two parts:
(i) The Due Diligence that we offer to the clients that employ the firm as their official legal representative, which includes a revision of all the company’s legal documentation in order to issue a legal opinion, providing recommendations for steps the company should take to ensure full compliance with Honduran law. (ii) The Due Diligence that we offer to clients intending to buy, acquire or merge a company or group of companies, involving, due diligence of the target company with regard to corporate and labor issues, lease agreements, intellectual property, real estate, social security, taxes, financing and outstanding contracts, among others. At the end we issue a legal opinion with recommendations for each one of the areas.

Graphic presentation

Graphic presentation of possible options to follow in the transaction, presenting a brief explanation with the advantages and disadvantages of each of the purchase options in a separate memo, as well as the steps to follow in order to execute the transaction.

Strategic planning

Strategic planning in tax matters, consulting with regard to the tax obligations involved in a given transaction, as well as a detail of the potential risks that should be foreseen in the contract to avoid future problems among the contracting parties.

Consulting and representation

Consulting and representation in the application for authorization or approval of transactions that must be submitted to regulatory entities in the case of acquisitions in regulated markets, such as concessions in the energy and telecommunications markets, among others.

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